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Virtual Biomechanics Analysis

Is this you?

You get frustrated when your ‘knee’ constantly gives out, or your back, or whatever your ‘weak’ point is the minute you really get into your new exercise regime.

Your sciatica, or old childhood injury keeps taking you from your favourite sport every couple of years? 

You keep hurting yourself and you don’t know how or why?

You were always an active person but you feel off.

You really want to be more active but your body seems to be letting you down. 

Maybe you’ve tried a few therapies but they just don’t seem to really fix the problem.  Either way, you just want to be active and enjoy your favourite sport again pain free.



What if someone could tell you exactly where the root of your issues may be coming from just by watching you walk?   Could it be this easy?


My name is Dave Ellis, and I’m a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner and I own Balance Point Health Centre, an integrative clinic in Oakville with my wife Linda.  I’ve been a therapist for over 20 years and I’ve treated thousands of active individuals, from weekend warriors to ironman triathletes.  What I’ve found, is that issues often start from the feet up and something as simple as watching you walk…we like to say, doing a Biomechanical Analysis, provides the information you need to get better.  Something as simple as improper footwear prolong your imbalance.


Are you ready to finally feel balanced and strong again? 


Here’s how it works:

  • Book a 15 minute Biomechanical Analysis here

  • Attend your session on-line from the comfort of your home (video will be used)

  • Gait analysis will be done in sock feet and then in your shoes

  • A detailed report will be provided, including targeted exercises (and video demonstrations) to correct the issue and a treatment plan if indicated

  • You go on to complete your favourite activity with balance and strength

Book your session here!