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Minty Raw Chocolate Power Balls

These Power Balls make a nice mid afternoon snack that will provide you with a boost of energy and brain power you sometimes need to get through until dinner.  They will not spike your blood sugar levels because of the high fiber and essential fatty

Better alternatives to our favourite treats…

No one needs or wants to eat perfectly all the time.  The 90/10 rule is a more realistic 'guideline' to live by.  If you are eating healthy most of the time, there is nothing wrong with the occasional splurge.  It's all about balance! We all have those moments

Buckeyes – recipe revamp

As a holistic nutritionist, I always encourage clients to eat in a balanced way and that includes treats!  By why not create a healthier alternative to your favourites? You can still feel like you are indulging this Chrismtas with this all time favourite treat!  You just can't

What’s for lunch?

Begin September with some fresh ideas on what to pack in your lunch or for 'nutrition' breaks for the kids.  Your food choices mean everything as they fuel your brain and provide the energy needed for a balanced, successful and happy day. A healthy lunch consists

Healthy Tan in the Summertime Sun

Once I had kids, everything was different. I became much more concerned about everything we ate and put on our skin.  When it came to sunscreens, it became more difficult to decide on the best option because of the many differing opinions out there. First, the sun is very

Sports Drinks or Water?

Commercial sports drinks can be very expensive and may not be the most healthy choice.  They are loaded with sugar and food dyes! Who cares? I'll tell you why you should care through a situation I observed a couple years ago. During my son's baseball game