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What is the Difference Between Osteopathy and Physiotherapy?

"What is the difference between Osteopathy and Physiotherapy?" This is a question that comes up a lot when patients are trying to decide who to call when physical issues arise. I advise patients that we have a background in the study of muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, the

Asthma, breathing restrictions, post pneumonia

Restrictions with your breathing can come from many different factors. Asthma can be a very serious breathing problem that for some of the population needs to be treated with medication, to open inflamed restricted bronchus. Sometimes, it's mechanical in nature. When looking at someone who complains

Heartburn…a different view

There can be many causes for this often complicated condition like a too acidic diet, bacterial infection (h pylori) or low stomach acid. (that's right, not high stomach acid) Being a Manual Osteopath Therapist I'd like to focus on the mechanical aspects of this frustrating condition. When we look at

Lower Back Pain

Most people get low back pain. If you take a minute to think about it, I am sure you can think of two or three people immediately who have or are currently suffering from back pain. The funny thing is, that all back pain is

High heel heck!?

Now I will be the first to admit that high heels do look fantastic on all women and also the first to  shout at the top of my lungs that they are the worst thing you can do to your feet other than flip flops. 

Do you suffer from COPD? Learn more about how Osteopathy can help…

Stephanie Babbitt, RN, BScN, Registered Nurse and Graduate Student from the Canadian College of Osteopathy is completing her Thesis by conducting a study titled: "The Effect of Osteopathic Manual Therapy on Quality or Life in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" Volunteers are needed between the ages of 40

Blackberry Back or iphone neck, take your pick!

In all honesty, I should send Jim Balsille and those creative geniuses at Apple a fabulous gift basket - maybe one of those edible arrangements?! I really owe them a debt of gratitude for creating a mobile, pain in the neck gadget, I mean, communication device. 

Osteopathic Commentary – Flip Flop Fiasco!

Flip flop sandals are an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner's worst enemy, or closest friend, depending how you look at it!  I remind my patients on a regular basis how harmful flip flops can be on their bodies, not just their feet. I know fip flops, especially the thong sandal, are comfortable,

Osteopathy Case Study – Jaw Pain

A 45 year old woman came in for Manual Osteopathic Treatment - her main complaint was severe left jaw pain.  She had been experiencing pain for 5 years around the back of her jaw and also near her ear.  The pain was constant and debilitating. The

Throw out the Snow – not your back!

Last year we were blessed and the dreaded winter storms that seemed to get everyone else never got Oakville.  This year, if you believe the forcasters, we won't be so lucky. So unless you made Canadian Tire richer and bought a snowblower, it is time

What is Manual Osteopathy? A Case Study.

The best way to understand Manual Osteopathy is to hear about what it has done for others.  Here is a case study of a previous patient I worked with.  A healthy 40-year-old female came in complaining of lower back pain.  This pain had been ongoing