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Cow Face Pose – Yoga and Posture

Inhale and stretch your right arm straight out to the right, parallel to the floor. Rotate your arm inwardly; the thumb will turn first toward the floor, then point toward the wall behind you, with the palm facing the ceiling. This movement will roll your

Using yoga to ease anxiety

Yoga offers solutions to all types of stress, including anxiety. Derived from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the term yoga means “to yoke” or “unite.” Yoga practice involves a joining of the body, mind, and spirit. Through breath work, meditation, movements, and relaxation, yoga can

Coping Tips for Holiday Stress

Take care of yourself and your many obligations over the holidays in a more balanced or ‘yogic’ way.  Please find below, 5 suggestions for finding more balance and joy this year’s holiday season. 1. Breathe - When you feel yourself getting tense or pressured, just notice