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Clear Congestion with Wet Socks

Clear Congestion with Wet Socks

When it come to viral infections and feeling unwell, there are many natural techniques you can do to support your body in healing itself.

The ‘Wet Socks’ technique works to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage by encouraging blood flow to the feet and extremities, as the body attempts to warm and dry the socks.  It works wondered for many of our clients!

The Process:

  • Your feet need to be warm before you start the treatment: so take a bath or do a warm foot bath for 20 minutes
  • Find 2 pairs of socks.  One cotton and one wool.
  • Wet a pair of cotton socks in very cold water and then wring them out and put them on
  • Cover the wet socks with a large pair of wool socks (you won’t feel cold even though it sounds awful)
  • Go to bed

The wool socks provide insulation against the air to prevent drying or warming of the cold, wet socks.  As a result, your body has to work to both warm and dry your feet.  As your body warms your cold feet, more circulation is directed to your lower extremities  and as a result your whole body receives more circulation.  Lymphatic drainage is also stimulated as your body attempts to dry your feet , so excess fluid can be reduced anywhere in the body.

So next time you are feeling less than perfect, instead of reaching for medication, give the ‘wet socks’ technique a try!

Warming socks can be used to clear congestion in the nose and sinuses or lungs, to reduce edema and/or swelling, reduce inflammation anywhere in the body, and to improve overall health.

Always work with a trusted healthcare provider.

For more information, speak with Jane Goehner, ND.