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Discover Your Balance Post

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Discover Your Balance Post

Discover Your Balance

Do you often feel as if you don’t do all of the things you set out to do?

Do you feel bad or guilty for spending time on yourself?

Do you run out of energy to spend on important areas of your life?

You may need to work on discovering your own healthy balance.

In our lives, we have all kinds of roles we are trying to live.  We are mothers, professionals, aunts, daughters, researchers, healthcare providers, wives, friends, sisters, and…the list goes on.   And we have unconsciously set expectations for ourselves in each of these roles.  But is your expectation for EVERY single one of these goals serving you?  Is it making you feel healthy and successful and fulfilled?

If not, let’s talk.

But first, check out my FREE Guide on Discovering Your Balance using daily habits like sleep, diet, and essential oils.

Click here to grab the guide!


If you are a mom raising a child who has ADHD or ADD and have attended the Calming the ADHD Chaos Summit by The ADHD Village, you are invited to book a FREE Consult with Linda Ljucovic.


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Linda Ljucovic, Registered Nutritionist, Essential Oils Educator and Yoga Teacher, Oakville