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Electrodermal Screening Now available

Electrodermal Screening Now available

Electrodermal Screening is Available in our Office with Dr. Jennifer Kaster N.D.!!

Q:  What is Electrodermal Screening?

A:  Electordermal Screening (EDS) is a tool which allows Dr. Jennifer, ND to evaluate the body from a different perspective.  It is not an instrument used to diagnose disease. It does however measure the electrical current moving through the acupuncture meridians and as such gives information about the internal systems from a different view point called bioenergetics.  Electrodermal screening uses an electronic device to measure the electrical resistance at numerous acupuncture points on the body.

Q:  Is this technology new to the world of medicine?

A:  EDS has been used by practitioners for over 50 years.  
The technology is based on the works of Dr. Reinold Voll a German physician from the 1950’s.  Dr. Voll observed that traditional acupuncture points had a lower electrical resistance than other skin points.  He developed a device to measure the skin’s resistance at these points and found that each point had a standard measurement for all healthy people.  After numerous tests Dr. Voll determined that any deviation from the normal point measurement, either an increased or decreased reading, correlated with the presence of a deviation in health of that patient (eg. presence of inflammation or tissue degeneration).  The acupuncture points that are measured are usually on the hands and feet, however there are currently over 2000 points that have been discovered.

Q:  Does the test hurt?  Does it involve needles?

A:  The test is a simple pain free procedure and does not involve any needles.  
The patient is seated comfortably in an arm chair in front of the practitioner.  Water is applied to the patient’s hand to increase conductivity.  The patient holds an electrode in their moistened hand while the practitioner touches a probe to an acupuncture point on the opposite hand or on a foot.  A series of points are tested during each session.

The test instrument measures the electrical conductivity of the skin as it is influenced by ampoules that have been stored electronically in the system. These ampoules help to assess the function of various organs, detect the relative sensitivity to various food substances or other allergens, or the presence of various infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, parasites) or heavy metals.

Q:  What is the benefit of EDS testing?

A:  Electrodermal screening can be very helpful with many health problems. A skilled EDS practitioner is able to detect the energetic signature of toxins, allergies, emotional patterns, organ “weakness”, etc., in the body. EDS can also screen potential natural remedies to determine which will help restore the body’s balance.  This technology can also be used to detect substances that aggravate the body and put it out of balance causing a sensitivity reaction.

To experience the benefits of EDS screening for yourself please book an initial appointment with, Dr. Jennifer Kaster N.D., at our clinic (289)291-0254.