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Food sensitivities – the missing link to feeling great?!

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Food sensitivities – the missing link to feeling great?!

“I don’t have food sensitivities. My digestion is fine. I never get a stomach ache.”

Being a nutrition focused practitioner I hear this a lot when chatting with people about what they eat. You may find it surprising to know that food sensitivities can present themselves in many different ways including – headaches, fatigue, rashes, congestion, bloating, a sore throat, as well as digestive upset to name a few.

When we eat, the food that we take in gets broken down into tiny parts in our digestive tract and those tiny components are absorbed directly into our blood stream. Our blood then circulates these tiny food components all around the body where they get used and incorporated into our organs and tissues. Since the food we take in is the only thing our body has to make every part of us, it’s not surprising that what we eat can affect us on all levels.

In my practice it’s common to see people’s health concerns improve once they are aware of their unique food sensitivities and are able to avoid them for a period of time. This allows the body time to heal without being continually aggravated by irritating foods.

Avoiding specific foods isn’t as hard a task as one may think.  People usually feel most challenged if they find out they need to avoid dairy or wheat, but now a days, due to the fact that more and more people are developing food sensitivities, there is an abundance of alternatives to these foods in the grocery store.  This food “elimination” turns into a food “exploration” as people get to branch out of their habitual eating habits and try new foods, like quinoa or millet.  To help you get started, we have many recipes on our site that are free from the foods people tend to be allergic to. (dairy, gluten, sugar, corn, eggs)

Uncovering your specific list of food sensitivities provides a great foundation to any health care plan.

Food sensitivity testing in done in our office by Jennifer Kaster, one of our Naturopathic Doctors, using Electordermal Screening (EDS).  EDS testing is done as part of a naturopathic visit and you get the results right away. Most extended health insurance plans will cover naturopathic visits, therefore it will cover this test.

Food Sensitivity Success Story:

A mother brought her seven year old son for food sensitivity testing after he complained of persistent stomach pain and bloating.   EDS testing revealed that he was sensitive to dairy products (including cheese and yogurt which he consumed frequently), wheat and eggs.  After eliminating these foods from his diet all of his digestive symptoms improved.   He continued to avoid his food sensitivities for three months,  replacing cow’s milk with rice milk, and wheat products with gluten free grains such as rice and quinoa.  The EDS testing also indicated that his digestive weakness was the result of a parasitic infection.  Stool testing confirmed this and he followed a treatment plan to eliminate the parasitic infection.   His mother then slowly re-introduced the sensitive foods and he was able to tolerate them in his diet once again.

To experience EDS testing for yourself call our clinic to book an appointment with Jennifer Kaster, B.Sc., N.D., Oakville. 289-291-0254