Krista Rowan

Nutrition and Wellness Coach

As your Nutrition and Wellness Coach, I firmly believe we are empoweredKrista Rowan, Nutrition and Wellness Coach in creating our quality of life.

From a unique place of understanding and experience, I know that improved Health and Quality of Life are both essential and possible – with the right tools and knowledge.

In January 2000, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis; an autoimmune condition where my immune system attacks my joints and tissues.  Having experienced chronic pain, disability, stress, depression, and relentless inflammation for years, I understand first hand what people experience when their health is deteriorated, and quality of life is severely impacted.   Learn about my story here where I shared my story as part of Speaker Slam.

In 2015, I experienced another wake up call.  My health spiralled deeper, resulting in additional frustration and confusion; driving me to leave my corporate career of 20 years.

At the time, my future seemed perceivably bleak.  Determined, and having more questions than answers, I was motivated and unrelenting to understand what was driving my health adversities. I needed to understand why my overall health seemed to be getting worse, despite modern healthcare interventions.

Looking beyond traditional western medicine, I began employing a broad range of holistic approaches to address root cause drivers of illness and disease.  This shift in thinking and action, resulted in dramatic improvement to my health!

Fuelled by my new lease on life, I knew if my own health could be improved through nutrition, lifestyle and mindset improvements,  other’s could improve their health and quality of life too!!

Today, my passion is to help others not only feel alive, but to empower them to start LIVING and am thrilled to be working collaboratively with the Balance Point Team!

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