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Let the “Joy of the Mountain” support you through the winter months

Let the “Joy of the Mountain” support you through the winter months

We all know it’s the dreaded cold and flu season. Have you already had your first illness with winter? Surrounded by sneezing co-workers and coughing family members?

Being sick can really put a damper on all the winter time fun. I’d like to share with you about my favourite go-to preventative and support for the winter months. OREGNO OIL

The word “oregano” is from two Greek words, which combine to mean “joy of the mountain”.

Did you know this plant is a member of the mint family? If you’ve ever tried oregano oil you may be surprised by this news, since oregano oil sure doesn’t taste like mint. There are more then 30 species of oregano and only a few have been proven to have real medicinal value. The highest medicinal grade oregano is found in the mountains of Greece and Turkey and it takes 1000 lbs of leaves and flowers to produce 1lb of oil.

Oregano Oil contains phenols, which are the active components that give it an anti-microbial effect (kills bacteria, yeast, viruses, mold and parasites). Phenols also give oregano oil it’s immune boosting properties. A win-win for the winter months. Very few natural or synthetic agents exist that can kill multiple types of pathogens, but oregano oil can! Because of this, oregano oil can be used for ailments ranging from athlete’s foot to food poisoning. Not only that, oregano oil also is a source of vitamin A and C, as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, and manganese.

Since it is a potent germ killer, oregano oil, should be one of your best friends during the winter months as it helps to: -prevent and remove infections -strengthen the immune system -neutralize parasites -kill viruses and bacteria related to colds and flus -sanitize your surroundings

How to use:

Internally: Mix 1-5 drops of the oil into water or juice to be ingested or dilute the oil with olive oil and place 1-5 drops directly under the tongue to be absorbed. Can be taken up to three times a day.  Capsules are also available.

Sanitizer: You can make any regular liquid hand soap into an antibacterial soap by adding 10-20 drops of the oil into your soap dispenser and mixing well. Always be sure to rinse your hands after washing and avoid touching your eyes.

Spray: Reduce the spread of colds and flus around your house or at the work place by simply adding 10 -20 drops of oregano oil in to a spray bottle with water and spray it into the air to reduce the germ count in your environment.

Oregano oil has no known side effects, but we still avoid using it during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The oil can be toxic if used in excess or undiluted.

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Written by Jennifer Kaster BSc., ND