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Lifelong Vitality Challenge

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Lifelong Vitality Challenge

I want to tell you about something I’m excited to be running for anyone ready to put themselves first.

It hit me that although so many of our customers put their health first by visiting us on a regular basis, that they may be missing out on some ‘daily habits’ that may just keep their bodies humming in between visits.

Let’s backtrack.  When we decided to partner with doTerra, a company that puts purity and quality first in a very unregulated field, we immediately loved the results we were getting with their essential oils.  They are the only company that publishes their testing at Source to You. which makes us feel confident in their products.

I knew they offered supplements but I resisted trying them for over a year because we have shelves full of high quality professional brands at the clinic already!  But…what I realized is that through my clients, my eyes were opened in how effective the vitamin kit was in reducing pain and increasing energy and so much more.  So I put my skeptical thoughts aside and I gave them a go.  I went on them.  I went off them.  And then I went back on them.  I did this to experience the difference….and I did experience a difference!  For me…it was mostly with my hormones.  I slept way better at the end of my cycle…when my hormones were tanking thanks to peri-menopause.  If they could work this well for me…wonder what they can do for you?

What if you could feel WAY better in your body every day? What if you could have less stress, a more balanced mood, more energy, and less pain? What if you could sleep better? And (bonus) what if it improved your skin, hair and nails?

So let me give you 3 REALLY good reasons to try them out for one month and see what happens: 


  1.  For interacting and learning in our FB group, you’ll be entered to win some BIG prizes. I’m talking super awesome bundles of our most favourite products here. 
  2. doTERRA will give you a FULL refund if you don’t experience more energy and less pain after 1 month.
  3.  If you LOVE them and want to continue using them and earning points towards free product each month, you’ll get an amazing gift from me! 🙂

So here’s how it works:

STEP 1: LOGIN & PURCHASE YOUR LIFE LONG VITALITY PACK IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY.  (email ehealthlinda@gmail.com if you don’t have an account)



And Register here so we know you are joining us!


Can’t wait to see you over  in the group!  Here’s to making lifestyle changes together!