We offer progressive and integrated health care for the whole family.

At Balance Point Health Centre, we coach people who are motivated to improve their health, using holistic and complementary solutions, in order to return the body to its natural state of health and vitality.   Teaching and education is key so that people can play an active part in their healing.


We have worked with thousands of patients just like you, who want to feel better and have a lifelong strategy for better health. We promise to listen actively so that we can understand you fully and provide a customized approach to your imbalance. 


If you’re ready to transform your health and resolve your symptoms, call the office today to book an Discovery Call so that we can get you started in the best way based on your goals.


Osteopathy is manual therapy that looks at the bio-mechanics of the whole body.


Naturopathic Medicine promotes healing by using natural therapies.


Holistic Nutrition takes a look at physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Live blood analysis

Live blood enables us to advance healing by preventing illness and disease

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