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Clean Eating Reboot

Good-bye Resolutions, Hello Reboot.  

It’s that time again…a new year with the promise of a fresh start.  Time to kiss bad habits good-bye, trade in our favourite alcoholic beverages for green drinks, our potato chips for kale chips…then bam! The first week of January ends and we’re parked on the couch watching a Netflix marathon with a family size bag of Doritos. Sigh. So long resolutions.


You know you need to get healthier, but you just feel stuck.  You feel stuck at home, you are bored with your own meal routines, you just failed your first New Years’ resolutions, and google is just confusing you more!


Daily habits matter more than resolutions.

Sticking to rigid eating rules for a while, sure.  For a year…maybe not.

We both know there will be pizza in your future, or cake or whatever calls your name. Yet, you need to do something.  If you’re anything like us after the holidays you feel more ‘meh’ than merry.  Your poor digestion is overworked from processing holiday goodies, your stress hormones are on high alert, and your mid-section is crying out for stretch pants. You know you need something to get you back to feeling better, but change isn’t easy, especially during a pandemic.

Say hello to our Clean Eating Reboot.

Reboot your way back to improved, radiant health in body and mind, in a way that’s doable.  This is not a detox.


You will learn time and money saving strategies you will continue to use far beyond the month.  This program is going to be focused on gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free whole food recipes since these foods are known to increase inflammation in the body.   This program is not about deprivation.  Instead, it’s about flooding your body with nutrition you may have compromised over the holidays.


This program is designed to set you up for success through support and social interaction. Let’s face it – meeting others in the same boat, working towards a common goal, is like having a built-in support system, someone in your corner who understands what you’re going through. Remember when you used to go out and meet new people?  While now you can stay in and meet and receive support from like-minded people who can relate to what you’re going through!


How is this different from all of at the other programs out there?


  • You get a registered nutritionist teaching you (who has specialized in midlife health)
  • You’ll get personalized attention via q&a sessions in a private facebook group
  • You’ll get informative and fun LIVE kitchen demos
  • You’ll get tips and resources that focuses on lasting change

Not sure if you need a reboot?

Let’s see…

Do you:

  • Have cravings-for processed carbs, alcohol, salty or sweet foods?
  • Feel overwhelmed by the thought of preparing healthy meals?
  • Reach for comfort foods out of convenience?
  • Feel unwell-sluggish, tired, bloated, have body aches, or headaches or other symptoms?
  • Wonder what is contributing to a health condition you have or how you got it in the first place?
  • Want to improve your health and provide a good example to your family?
  • Want to make your health a higher priority in your life?


If you answered yes to any of those questions then the Clean Eating Reboot is for you!


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Want to know more? Here’s what you’ll get:


  • A beautiful menu plan that you can use over and over again with attention to seasonal recipes (yes…this is one of our secret strategies)
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • 30 days of member support from a private Facebook community
  • Tips and insights on the latest health trends and ingredients to get you to your goal
  • Valuable handouts that are simple and easy to use
  • Time and money saving tips
  • Guidance on how to create a menu plan that you can stick to


Warning, participants of our reboot have reported:

  • More energy!
  • Fitting back into their jeans-pants with actual buttons!
  • They are no longer a slave to their cravings
  • Glowing skin and radiant hair
  • A renewed and improved mindset
  • Reduced pain and brain fog!


Start anytime in January and complete it in 30 days!


We’d love to have help you reboot. 

All you have to lose is the ‘post holiday blahs’.

There are limited spots in the program as we want to ensure we are able to offer participants the support they need.

Don’t miss out! 

Check out a testimonial here!


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Learn a little more about the mentors, Linda Ljucovic and Crina Cretu.