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Essential Oils

Linda Ljucovic is so excited to be a part of this amazing group of wellness advocates. As a mother, holistic nutritionist, partner of a health clinic and learning and development professional, you can probably guess what she is passionate about. She is at her best when analyzing, learning, sharing, and teaching others about the importance of choosing more natural ways to promote health and vitality, so when her friend approached her about essential oils, she was intrigued and it didn’t take long to fall in love with their healing power. 


Doterra Essential Oils available through Balance Point HC

10 years earlier, after having her boys, she experienced health issues that the medical system failed to understand. And, after many visits to alternative health professionals, Linda learned a lot about her body and mind but the most important thing was that she needed to take responsibility for her own health. No one else was going to care as much about her health as she did. That is why she fell in love with the Do Terra business – it’s all about empowering people to own their health!


She started using the essential oils with her family and was impressed by the results. And of course, she started hearing success story after success story, and it didn’t take long before she was inspired to help get this info out there and to turn this into a business. She then incorporated the oils into her nutrition business and then into the larger clinic because they worked as an ‘entry point’ for people to start making changes.  Their ability to work on the emotional level was exciting. When people started to feel better, they could then make more lifestyle and diet changes.  Linda wants people to know that there are other, more natural ways to achieve health and that we all must take control and help each other to shift towards a healthier way. Becoming a Wellness Advocate is one fantastic way to do just that.

Reach out to talk to Linda if this intrigues you.

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