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Registered Holistic Nutrition

What is Holistic Nutrition?


Holistic Nutrition incorporates a view of the body as a whole.  A Holistic Nutritionist recognizes that everyone is biochemically unique and requires a different balance of foods/nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle options to be at optimal health.  For example, a low carb, high protein diet may be medicine for one person and could cause poor health for another.  Or, intense cardio workouts for one person can be healthy or cause exhaustion for another.


Because Holistic Nutrition deals with the whole person, not only do we look at the diet and physical body but we take into account lifestyle factors because the interrelationship of the body, the spirit and the mind of each person.


Our mind has great power over our ability to heal or alternatively, cause illness.


What does a Holistic Nutritionist do? (RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist)


  • help educate you about the best foods and lifestyle choices for you,
  • help you understand the truth about real food and wellness and guide you in making the right choices for improved health and well being,
  • provide custom meal plans to address deficiencies
  • analyze symptoms to find deficiencies
  • help make sense of all the health (sometimes conflicting) information bombarding you on a daily basis,
  • be your mentor on your way to finding true health and well being.


How can a Registered Holistic Nutritionist help?


Below is a sample of what a holistic nutritionist can help you with:

  • designing a menu for optimal weight and health,
  • improving energy and well being,Registered Holistic Nutrition Whole Foods
  • finding the root cause of, and improving digestive troubles,
  • balancing and/or improving moods,
  • improving the health and appearance of your skin, hair and nails
  • teaching optimal nutrition through all phases of life (infants, pregnancy, menopause, 50+)
  • improving athletic performance
  • managing stress and reducing the impact it has on your body and mind.


If any of the above is on your list of goals this year, then a consult with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist could be your answer.  Read on to learn about some of the many options available or call for a free consult to assess the right solution for you.


Healthy Habits: The Foundation – It doesn’t have to be hard.  If you are feeling any of the following: low in energy, achy, poor skin, dull hair, pms, hormone imbalance, negative thinking, cravings, digestive issues, headaches.  Try the Lifelong Vitality Challenge!


Reclaim Your Gut Health

-address your gut issues using nutrition and live blood analysis.


8 Weeks of Menu Plans

 – remove gluten and other inflammatory foods with the help of menu plans designed by our Registered Holistic Nutritionist!


Join us for our cleanse programs! – a popular way to reduce toxic load, regain energy and feel better with a quick fix approach!


Coaching Options Available Here.


Kitchen Cupboard Makeover – Do you feel like your kitchen cupboards are stocked with tempting unhealthy foods that keep you coming back, like those salty chips or sweet treats you have for ‘emergency cravings’?  Not sure which oils are best to use for those 10 minute stir frys?  Or, not sure how or where to best store whole grains to ensure freshness?  I will meet you at your home and we will dig through the darkest corners of your cupboards and do a kitchen overhaul.  Don’t worry, you won’t be left with mother hubbards cupboards – but instead, you will be armed with information to stock your kitchen with fresh and clean foods and of course some recipe’s and suggestions for healthier go-to snacks for those ‘emergency cravings’. 


Grocery Store ‘outsmart sneaky marketing’ Tour – Going gluten free but not sure where to begin?  Can’t have dairy and at a loss on what you can eat?  Join me for a tour of a local grocery store to learn about label reading, where to shop for foods that are best for your health and where to find them at a better price.  This tour will be customized to your needs. One hour tour = $75.00


How to Feed Your Baby the Healthiest Foods – There is so much information to take in once you have a baby, and being the mother of 2 boys who had intolerances, I know that it can feel overwhelming.   What if your baby has colic when you have dairy? What do you look for to see if a food does not agree with your baby?  If you take dairy out of your baby’s diet, will he/she get enough calcium?  If you have questions like this, come on in to discover healthier ways to nourish your baby.  Nutrition plans and helpful handouts are provided.


Nutrition Made Simple – At your finger tips nutritional advice – there is so much information regarding supplements, vitamins, minerals, healthy water, antioxidants, superfoods…and the list goes on.  It can be overwhelming to sort through all of this readily available information.  We are all metabolically different, so, what is right for you?  I can help you sift through all of this information and provide you with the answers you are looking for.  If you want a ‘go-to’ contact to do this work for you, the ‘Nutrition Made Simple Plan’ is the option for you.  $10 per month (for at least 6 months)


Workplace Seminars on topic of your choice – Call 289-291-0254 for a free consultation.  Some ideas are; Eating for Improved Energy, Everyday practices to reducing the impact of stress, etc.

Learn more about our Holistic Nutritionists:

Crina Cretu

Linda Ljucovic


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