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Live Blood Analysis

Live blood cell analysis is a test that allows our technicians and nutritionists to view the blood – live, under a high powered microscope, to assess an individuals the state of health!  With a tiny drop of blood, you can see the body from a cellular level, the red and white blood cells, all reflecting an individual’s nutritional status.


Healthy BloodLive Blood Microscopy and who is it for?

It is said that your blood is the river of life that nourishes all organs and tissues. Anyone seeking to prevent poor health or improve their sense of well-being can benefit from live blood microscopy. A simple finger prick is performed and a drop of blood is placed on a microscope slide. It is then examined through a High-Powered Ultra Darkfield microscope and can be viewed on a computer screen.


Live Blood Analysis Will Reveal:

Areas of toxicity and congestion, Immune stress or dysfunction,
Free radical activity, Candida Yeast/Fungus,Cholesterol Bacteria/Parasites,
PH imbalance-over acidity or alkalinity, Crystalline structures,
Nutritional deficiencies, Hormonal imbalances, Sugar imbalances, Allergies/food intolerances, Adrenal and thyroid health,
Malabsorption of proteins and fats.


Layered Blood Analysis:

Indicates weaknesses and how they are developing over your lifetime. This is a great tool for tracking your internal health so that you have the opportunity and motivation to make changes before they become major issues!

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