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What is Reiki?

what is reiki?Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that has its origins in Tibetan Buddhist principles. The closest Western translation is:  The connection of the soul to a higher consciousness.  Rei: The Soul, and Ki: The Life Force Energy that permeates all matter.  This energy is also known as Mana in Hawaiian culture, Prana in Indian /Hindu culture, and Qi in Chinese Medicine.


As with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture that work with the flow of qi, Reiki heals disrupted, blocked, or unbalanced qi movement along the 12 meridian lines in the body. Many factors can negatively affect the free flow of a person’s qi, environmental/ electromagnetic pollution, stress, lack of exercise, injury, poor nutrition, and trauma/blockages.


Reiki works to improve health and prevent illness and disease by restoring these yin/yang blockages in the flow of qi, balancing and cleansing the clients physical, mental, emotional and spiritual channels.  It also calibrates the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems.  Reiki supports the body’s innate healing abilities and work at the root to heal the issue(s).


Reiki helps the client to better understand their true purpose and opens the door to a higher understanding. It also raises vibrational frequency, self-awareness, and alignment with authentic self.  Every treatment is unique.


Just a few ways Reiki can help you on your path to optimal health


  • Enables a state of deep relaxation/help the body to release toxins
  • Speeds up the body’s self-healing ability/releases addictions
  • Heals sleep issues/ insomnia/anxiety/depression/fertility issues/acute and chronic pain
  • Reduces blood pressure/relieves headaches/migraines
  • Helps body/mind/spirit recover from medication given before, during, and after surgery –Eases chemotherapy by greatly reducing the associated side effects (hunger/nausea/fatigue)


Let Reiki take you on a magical journey of self-discovery, awakening, and improved health.


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