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17 Health Expert Interviews (Immunity + Holistic Health)


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This library of interviews includes over 33 health experts selected for this special expertise in the areas of hormone health and healthy aging.  You will learn so much with this lifetime access!


Linda Ljucovic, Health Coach and Nutritionist, and Dave Ellis, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, brought together our team of practitioners to share their best tips and knowledge on how to have a healthy fall and winter with glowing skin, optimal immunity, balanced moods, and free of injury.  There were 7 interviews in this event.

Here is a summary of the topics:

  1. Michael Todosojevic, Preparing Your Body for Fall and Winter
  2. David Ellis, Getting Your Body Winter Ready
  3. Crina Cretu: Why Gut Health is Important for Immunity
  4. Dr. Janna Fung, Get Glowing Skin this Fall and Winter, Addressing winter skin conditions.
  5. Dr. Jennifer Kaster, Digestion and Immunity, An Intimate Connection
  6. Dr. Jane Goehner, Healthy Terraine for Balanced Immunity
  7. Linda Ljucovic, Eat to Beat the Winter Blues

Linda Interviewed health experts in the natural health space to share their best tips so that you can learn natural approaches to hormone balance, increased energy, better moods and maintaining a strong and healthy body. 

You will get the following 10 in this package.

Here is a summary of the topics:

  1. Turning up the Volume on You
  2. The Fallout of Burnout
  3. Happy Brain Hacks
  4. Understanding Your Vagus Nerve
  5. QiGong
  6. Understanding Your Energy Cycles
  7. Gut Health and Hormones
  8. How Your Thought Creates your Mood
  9. Hormones and Sleep
  10. Discover Your Balance


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