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12 Weeks of Meal Plans (Spring/Summer)


You’ll get:

  • weekly grocery list
  • 4 weeks of recipes
  • coaching calls with a Holistic Nutritionist
  • tips and tricks to save time and money and improve health

Do you:

  • know what to eat but you often find yourself opening the pantry looking for snacks because you didn’t have a plan
  • eating packaged goodies by 10:00 am because your breakfast didn’t tie you over to lunch
  • eat the same meals all. the. time.
  • dislike spending time planning weekly meals
  • want to save some money by making simple meals at home more often

If you answered yes to any of those, this might be the right program for you!

As a holistic nutritionist and mom of 3 very different eaters, I’ve become somewhat of an expert in creating delicious and healthy meals for varying needs.  Allow me to be your ‘planner’.  I will send a weekly meal plan, including a grocery list, to your in box every Friday morning so that you have time to shop on the weekend and get prepared for a busy week.

Meal plans are mostly gluten and dairy free…and will shift your health for the better.  Promise.

What do you have to lose?! (um…you may just lose a few pounds and some aches and pains…)

This is less than the cost of a consult plus one follow up and you’ll feel supported for 4 weeks!