Shannon Gregory

Live Blood Analyst

Live blood cell analysis reveals distortions within red and white blood cells reflecting an individual’s nutritional status. Low levels of iron,vit E, protein, vitamin B12, can be seen. Signs of liver stress, yeast, parasites, protein digestion and hormonal imbalances can are common imbalances detected.

Shannon Gregory is a Certified Live and Layered Ultra dark field Analyst. She completed her formal training with Blood-Link and has continued her learning by taking additional advanced courses at Health House and Pascoe.

Shannon currently guest lectures at The University of Toronto for the Environmental Studies Program. Students are excited to watch their blood live and to learn how live blood can reveal the many toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. They learn where it comes from and how proper nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve our bloodstream and overall health dramatically.

For sixteen years prior, Shannon worked as a Certified Optometric Assistant with additional training at the College of Optometry and as a result is well prepared for her chosen field! Shannon specialized in the use of optometry equipment including, but not limited to the Retinal Fundus Imaging, Optomap, slit lamps, auto refractors and tonometers images, dyslexia screening and low vision counseling for the blind.

More recently, Shannon won the “Best favorite find in Canada” in 2013 from Alternative Medicine Magazine.

In her spare time, you will find Shannon spending time with her family and her 2 Pugs.