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Signs that you need a detox

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Signs that you need a detox

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We are all exposed to toxins daily. Things like – pesticides, industrial wastes, synthetic medicine, food additives, car exhaust and cigarette smoke and all of these are chemicals that are foreign to our bodies. They end up accumulating inside because our body does not know how to deal with them.  This has a dramatic affect on our health and well-being.

Every second, our bodies are detoxifying, or trying to through exhalation and othe rmeans.  But due to the massive amount of toxins we come in contact with in this modern world – through our air supply, water supply, the food we eat – especially processed foods – our body can’t keep up with the toxic load that gets thrown at it. And it definitely can’t cleanse efficiently without some help!


Indicators of Toxicity…

  • Frequent fatigue
  • Compromised digestion
  • Chronic constipation
  • Skin eruptions
  • Excess weight
  • poor stress management
  • Powerful food cravings
  • frequent colds and flu
  • recurring headache
  • insomnia or sleeping to much
  • join pain
  • no sense of purpose
  • self defeating belief systems
  • mood swings
  • compromised sexual function
  • limited sense of joy and inner peace

Now you know what symptoms may be present in a toxic state, but what can you do to get ride of them? More importantly what can you do on a regular basis to support the detoxification processes in the body and to prevent a toxic load from accumulating?

When it comes to detoxifying, personal responsibility starts with setting yourself up for success rather than failure.  Let us help you nourish, support and detoxify your body!

What about an off-the shelf detox kit?

A cleanse shouldn’t just be about taking a supplement you find on the store shelf.  There are ways to support this process in the body with the food choices we make and other detoxifying practices we can do in our daily routine, which a Naturopath can help guide you through.

As a Naturopath I will take steps to learn about you and figure out the best approach to take to minimize any negative symptoms or experiences throughout the cleanse.  A cleanse is not meant to be impossibly difficult or uncomfortable.  Work with us to find the right approach.

Call our office to book an initial Naturopathic appointment to get started on your own internal cleansing regime!  Spring and Fall are the best seasons to undertake a cleanse so don’t wait!

Call 289-291-0254 to schedule a consult.

Written by Jennifer Kaster B.Sc., N.D.


  • Pamela Gard

    February 22, 2017at11:38 am

    Detoxing is what I need right now. Detox my entire body. Thank you. If you have any information on your products that detox, please let me know. Love to have samples

    • admin

      March 20, 2017at1:21 pm

      Call us at 289-291-0254 to set up a quick consult!