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10 Signs You Could Have a Parasite!

It happens often. Clients return from their work or holiday travels only to find that they don't feel well.  After a detailed assessment, parasites are discovered. Having a parasite can be a scary thought, but you're not alone; they are far more common than you think. Let's look

Why do you want an Alkaline Body?

As health practitioners, we often see patients/clients that are more acidic rather than alkaline.  People don't come to us saying, I feel like my body is acidic..of course.  They come to us saying things like: I'm sore, I'm tired, my digestion feels off, I'm moody,

‘Tis the Season…Fa La LaaaChoooo!

Article by Shannon Gregory, Live Blood Analysis As the holiday season approaches, we have many stressors. We rush to buy baking to pass off as our own or stay up all night baking, to prove we can still do it all We decorate the home to