Taking Your Power Back with Transformative Self Healing

Taking Your Power Back with Transformative Self Healing

2020 has certainly put us to the test.  

There have been many topics we could have focused on as we head back info the fall months, but the one that resonates most with us right now, is mental health and anxiety and how to take your power back.

Do you feel that underlying sense that something is about to happen?  The media is telling us that daily, after all.   Our kids are worried about ‘bringing’ this virus home and impacting a loved one.   Parents are worried about making the wrong decision.  Everyone is worried about the state of the world.  

How do you even deal?!  

Well, you go inside and focus on what you can control…how you think – and respond to a situation.  

So to support you during this time, we reached out to our favourite Reiki and Meditation teacher, Carol Glenn to ask her how she could help.  And I was thrilled when she suggested her Transformative Self Healing!  

I’ve tried many different forms of meditation and my absolute favourite has been the Transformative Self Healing Meditation because you have a goal or a purpose and you see the results most of the time. (ahem..ok…so not the point of meditation but…).  

Regardless, this is perfect for ANYONE, type A’s included!

We have an information packed on-line workshop, materials included, planned just for you for only $15.00!

Click on the image below to register now! 

Linda Ljucovic, Balance Point Health Centre, Oakville

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