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Who is the ‘Future You’?

Who is the ‘Future You’?

Have you ever thought about it?  Like, really thought about who you want to be at 80?   It’s so easy to go about the day to day without a thought and just assume that you will live a long, healthy and happy life. 

But…what if I told you that without having a plan and being proactive about health, you are leaving your health to destiny!  And with our earth in the state it is in, you can’t do that anymore.  Our soils are depleted, pollution is an issue, EMF is a concern, our oceans are dirty, trees are being cut down at an alarming pace, the advancement of technology is taking us away from nature and impacting our brains, and our insanely fast pace of living is creating even more stress!  boy…that was exhausting just typing out!  Instead of focus on what’s wrong, we want to help you focus on what you can control, and that is your health and vitality!

But first…

Look at the following images and see if they resonate on some level.

You create your ‘future you’ based on your daily habits – today!

When talking to people about health and I ask them what their goals are, the majority tell me they don’t have any.  One man in particular stood out to me.  We will call him Kevin.  I met him at his company health fair and we had a great conversation about kids, work and family.  But when I asked him about his health, he told me he didn’t ever really think about it – but now that I had asked him, he believed that his health goal was to just simply be around for as long as his children needed him.  

Imagine that!

One thing I taught in my career as a leadership development consultant, was that you act based on your thoughts.  I mean at the time, it was….if you inherit a new team member and the previous manager planted the idea that this new employee was a slacker, you will subconsciously treat him/her that way, and then guess what the results will be?  You got it, they will live up to what you think of them.  There are a million studies that show this.  We call this the Pygmalion effect and the ‘see/do/get’ model by Franklin Covey illustrates it best.


How we see the world…determines what we do, which in turn creates the results we Get. When you see things differently, you do things differently and when you do things differently, you get different results (eg. in sports, how a team sees another team, can we beat them even if we’re an underdog, determines how they practice/perform and they may upset a favourite.) 

Translate that to the topic of health.  Every decision that Kevin made about his health was simply about being around for another 10 more years (see) and most of his actions (do) were for his kids. (his kids were around 12 at the time).  There was no effort on creating good health.  He was NOT the priority in his mind.  And he was tired and worried about getting cancer. (get)

And you can’t pour from an empty cup – Kevin.  

If we don’t put ourselves first, ever – how are we going to climb mountains at 80 or write a book – after spending the majority of our work lives hunched over from sitting at a desk job, inhaling office pollutants, surrounded by wifi, being chronically stressed?  

Too dramatic? Maybe…but it’s true!

If the photo’s of the active seniors above are who you want to be, it’s time to get intentional.  Our world is harder than it was 30 years ago.  

Where to start?

I want to challenge you to see yourself at 80 and then write down what you are doing.  Where do you live?  What do you do each day?  Are you working?  Volunteering?  Running?  Be specific.  

Then ask yourself.  Am I doing everything I can today to ensure I reach this goal?   And if your answer is no.  Perhaps we can help you to achieve your goal.  We know with all of the conflicting health information out there, it can be confusing.

How Do You Create the Right Plan?  

Well we have created a new program called “Future You” that gives you a plan.   But the plan is very personal, because we are all different.  This is not a one size fits all solution.  We partner with you to determine your goals, identify targeted leading edge testing, examine your family health history, review testing you have already done, review your diet and current routines and then we will collaborate to create a plan that will help you achieve that goal.  

So who is ‘we’?  

Our Future You Health Team consists of a Naturopathic Doctor, Manual Osteopath Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, and a Live Blood Analyst.  We all look at things a little differently so that we don’t miss anything and then we come together to agree on the best course of action.  Then, you can decide how and what you want to implement.  

Future You Program – Give Me All the Details!


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