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How I treated my Lyme Disease

How I treated my Lyme Disease

tick biteLyme disease from ticks is becoming a very prevalent issue in Canada. I have seen more and more cases coming my way in the recent years. The challenge is that it is very hard to detect in regular blood testing and can go undiagnosed for years. By the time I see people with this disease, they have been experiencing a variety of symptoms such as extreme fatigue, aches, auto immune indications, and neurological issues to name a few.

Our goal is to raise awareness of this awful, but treatable disease by sharing the following success story.

Shannon Gregory, Live Blood Analyst

“About two months after I had been bit by a tick, I knew I was indeed experiencing symptoms of Lyme disease and I realized that I needed to get help ASAP.” I had heard that the earlier you treat this disease, the easier it is for the body to heal and repair. I had heard of others who were diagnosed with tick-related diseases after spending time camping in Algonquin so I was aware of the symptoms. What I didn’t know, was how different they could be for each person. I thought people with Lyme were so exhausted that they couldn’t get out of bed. I had also heard they had headaches and joint pains so bad that they wanted to die. But here I was going on as usual, chasing kids, doing yoga, but just feeling “not right”.

At first, I was just a little low in energy for a few weeks and then the finger tingling, numbness and mental brain fog set in. Then, everything was fine for a few weeks, until I started antihistamines for my awful ragweed allergies. The antihistamines may have blocked my allergies but the Lyme then went loose like a wild fire! The tingling shot up my spine and to the base of my head and my hands became very weak and less dexterous. I thought I was experiencing the beginning of Multiple Sclerosis!

This is when I decided to start really researching the disease and found Shannon Gregory, Live Blood Analyst and a Naturopath, at Balance Point Health Centre in Oakville. After this research, I also found that people with Lyme can have a whole range of symptoms that disappear and reappear and that symptoms can change depending on where the bacteria spirals. For me it was in the spine, so I experienced neurological issues.

My healing Journey begins..

I started with Live Blood Microscopy which is a fascinating tool. Together, you watch your cells and immune system live. The technician Shannon, was able to take images and see the Lyme disease in my blood. We also found Lymph congestion and liver overload which are both common with the presence of Lyme.

After seeing my blood cells and finding the Lyme, the Naturopath prescribed some natural remedies to rid my body of this infection. I started feeling better within 1 week! Slowly, the nervous symptoms started to disappear and my strength started to return. On the days after, I felt so good that I pushed too hard physically (like after teaching my weekly arm-balance and inversion classes) and I felt groggy and my spine tingled a bit. But after some additional rest, I’d bounced back. More energy and less aches and pains. Within 6 weeks I was back to myself.

I did a follow up visit with the Live blood Tech and saw a huge difference in how my blood was behaving. I am so thankful to Shannon and my Naturopath for changing my life back to what it was.”

Thanks for all you’ve done.

Serena Ryder

If you are experiencing Lyme disease symptoms as per this blog or here: symptoms, please contact the office for testing. 289-291-0254.

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  • Mia

    February 6, 2018at11:50 am

    Hi, Can you please tell me who your naturopath was that helped you with your lymes?