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DIY Hand Sanitizer

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Keeping harmful ingredients out of my home is a goal of mine and I want to help you do this too!  

Sanitizer is such an easy item to ‘clean’ up so I thought we’d start with this simple yet effective DIY Hand Sanitizer recipe.  

Keep this in your car or your purse and use it to spray your phones, key boards, light switches, door knobs, wallets, keys, and other surfaces that don’t generally get cleaned as often.  Take this when you travel for on the go hand washing and for spraying the disgusting airplane seat handles, etc.

Why make your own?

Did you know?

Many healthcare studies have found that sanitizers with an alcohol concentration between 60–95% are more effective at killing germs.

Non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers may not work as well for all classes of germs, bacteria, and viruses AND they may cause irritation. 

The commerical alcohol-free hand sanitizers merely reduce the growth of germs rather than kill them outright.

On Guard essential oil has been found to be highly effective in addressing  the viral infections.  And we’ve amped this recipe up with alcohol.

Get Empowered and DIY Your Own!

Honestly.  It’s so easy to make your own products once you have a few key ingredients in your cupboard.   Let’s do this!  This will take you about 30 seconds to make once you have everything you need.

Gather the following ingredients:

spray bottles (8 oz for this DIY Hand Sanitizer), on guard essential oil, alcohol, and aloe vera gel

-a funnel may help as well

Recipe for DIY Hand Sanitizer

  • 1 Tbsp aloe vera gel
  • 10 drops on guard essential oil
  • 4 tbsp alcohol (rubbing, ethyl, iso prophyl)
  • water
  • 8 oz spray bottle


Directions for DIY Hand Sanitizer:


Add all ingredients to a bottle and top with water.  To use, spray hands and rub together or spray on any surface. 

You can find spray bottles in your DoTerra back office…or on Amazon.ca.

See what I mean, this DIY hand sanitizer is so easy to make yourself and it won’t irritate the skin!  

Hope you like it.

Linda Ljucovic, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Oakville

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