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Parasites: You are not alone!

Parasites: You are not alone!

Parasites…..most people shudder at this word. Parasites aren’t all giant scary organisms. In fact I can guarantee that you’ve had parasites at least once in your life time, probably more, without even knowing it.

These tiny little guys are very common and are transmitted via their microscopic eggs, which can be obtained from unwashed fruits and veggies, undercooked meat, contact with family members, kissing and handling your pets, people around you who don’t wash their hands (parasite eggs can live under fingernails for 2 months). They can even enter the body by traveling through the bottom of your foot after walking in an area where animal fecal matter may be hiding.

Typically when we hear about someone having a parasite infection it’s after they’ve travelled somewhere tropical and then end up with a major case of GI distress. Yes, I mean diarrhea. Not all parasites cause this type of obvious reaction.

Parasite by definition is “an organism that lives and feeds off another organism”.  Therefore, a parasite’s mission in life is to go undetected by their host (ie. you) so they can continue to happily live inside your nice warm body, consume all the delicious nutrients from the food you’re eating and reproduce, so their legacy will continue to live on.

Parasites can affect us in many subtle ways.  Here’s a small sampling or the symptoms you can experience when you have parasites:

Fatigue: Since these little guys are eating away at the nutrients from your foods this leaves less nutrients for your body to take up and use as fuel, which will leave you feeling sluggish. Parasites especially LOVE vitamin B12, which we need to keep us energized and feeling positive. Also, some parasites feed off our red blood cells and can make us anemic – iron deficient – which also greatly affects how energetic you feel.

Hunger: Feeling the urge to eat more right after having finished your meal is common when we have parasites. Again due to the fact that your body is starving for the nutrients that the parasites are stealing from you.

Skin irritation or itching: These little guys are in our blood, therefore they can affect any area of the body and cause irritation and inflammation.

Joint or muscle pain: Caused by toxins released by parasites into our bloodstream.

Insomnia: Parasites like to keep us awake at night or wake us up multiple times a night. You’re probably waking up feeling hungry. They’re like newborn babies they want their food at all hours.

Parasites can be detected by stool samples, but depending on the type and stage of development the parasite is at it may not appear in this type of testing. In our office we use Live Blood Cell Microscopy to look for parasites. Because this test is looking directly into the blood it allows us to see parasites and even parasite eggs. Being able to detect parasites at an early stage of growth enables us to easily treat and remove them before they have a chance to grow into adults.

Parasites: You are not alone

There are many natural ways to effectively treat parasites, which our Naturopathic Doctors are happy discuss with you and to create a plan to meet your needs and to revive your health back to where it should be.

Think you may have parasites?  Want to investigate further to see if they are a cause of your current health picture and to get guidance on how to naturally clear them from your system?

Call our office to book in for Live Blood Cell Testing and Naturopathic Care. 289-291-0254

We look forward to helping you.

Written by Jennifer Kaster ND

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