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Buckeyes – recipe revamp

Buckeyes – recipe revamp

As a holistic nutritionist, I always encourage clients to eat in a balanced way and that includes treats!  By why not create a healthier alternative to your favourites?

You can still feel like you are indulging this Holiday season with this all time favourite treat made to look like chestnuts.  Delicious.

 You just can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate – a match made in heaven.

Give this a try and see what you think!

Regular Recipe

-1.5 cups peanut butter (already has sugar)
-1 cup butter (love butter but too much is not a good thing)
-6 cups icing sugar (mood swings…here we come)
-4 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
-Mix first 3 ingredients and roll into balls.  Put in fridge and then dip in melted chocolate

Recipe Revamped

-1.5 cups organic peanuts
-1/2 – 3/4 cup pitted dates or medjool dates
-2 tbsp sesame seeds (calcium!)
-2 tbsp ground flax seeds (fiber)
-honey or maple syrup to taste (optional for those wanting something sweeter)
-1 cup 72 % dark organic chocolate melted with 1 tsp coconut oil (antioxidant)
Mix first four ingredients in food processor.  Mixture should stick together well.  Roll into balls and put in freezer or fridge.  Melt dark chocolate with oil and then using a tooth pick, dip the peanut butter balls into the chocolate and then place on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper. (parchment paper)  Put balls back into the fridge to allow the chocolate to harden.  If you cover the balls 3/4 of the way, these balls look like chestnuts.
Nutritional Nibble:
The revamped version is much higher in fiber and contains no refined sugar.  This is considered lower on the GI index which is the key to maintaining a healthy weight.
Linda Ljucovic, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and  Health Coach